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Todd Strier

About Us

My firm is dedicated to assisting clients with their personal injury and civil service matters on a one-to-one basis. I personally spend the time to lead the client through the complex maze often involved with personal injury and civil service claims.

For Personal Injuries and Medical Malpractice, our team and I will guide the client through the entire process and explain each step as it occurs. We will assist the client in filing all the necessary forms and letters needed to protect their rights and begin collecting documentation to help prove damages. At no time will a client feel as if they have lost touch with their lawyers, as we are always available to answer questions and provide guidance and direction.

When it comes to Civil Service matters, we have found that many applicants are unaware of the complexities of Civil Service law - especially when it deals with filing a disability pension application with NYCERS (New York City Employee Retirement System) or what legal steps are required to use an Article 78 proceeding to challenge a denied pension application, for example. These matters are not as simple as filing a few papers and collecting medical records.

We strive to answer all questions pertaining to an applicants disability claim in order to enable them to make sound, educated decisions regarding their pension applications or administrative challenges. In addition, our firm will continue to represent an applicant who was successful in obtaining a NYCERS disability pension should they ever be called back for a re-examination pursuant to the Civil Service Law. It is our goal to make the disability application process as easy.

Success Stories

The following are a small example of the many successful cases where we represented clients involved in auto accident. For a complete list of our success stories, click here.